26 June 2018 | England, United Kingdom
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26 June 2018
England, United Kingdom
The Healthy Future Partnering Event

Health & Life Sciences


The North West of England, with Liverpool City Region at the heart, is one of the top 3 clusters for life sciences in the UK. Liverpool is investing billions of pounds in our health ecosystem, offering countless opportunities from research, drug discovery, and clinical trials through to bio manufacturing and digital health. The unique convergence of major assets in science, technology, manufacturing and digital innovation is creating a melting pot of ideas and ground breaking solutions.


Bio Manufacturing

Liverpool has one of the largest clusters of bio manufacturing companies in Europe, with AstraZeneca, Medimmune, Lilly, Elanco, Allergan and Seqirus located close together and employing over 1500 people in South Liverpool, and Bristol-Myers Squibb, Unilever, Teva, Fresenius Kabi, and the nutraceutical divisions of Danone and Nestle elsewhere in the City Region. Combined with these is a thriving community of small, growing companies with an international reach, such as the MAST Group, Biofortuna, Liverpool ChiroChem, and Perfectus Biomed.


Infectious Diseases

Liverpool is home to some of the world’s leading infectious disease translational research, manufacturing and control organisations, hosting internationally unique facilities. The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, founded in 1898, is the oldest tropical medicine institution in the world. The school is at the forefront of the battle against tuberculosis, HIV, Malaria and Zika, supported by research orders of well over £210m. The city has established a Centre of Excellence in Infectious Disease Research, and developed an Accelerator for companies specialising in this area.


Digital Health

Liverpool spans a broad bandwidth of digital technologies in healthcare, with the City Region showcasing the biggest cluster of NHS Global Digital Exemplars in the UK, the largest industrial R&D Supercomputer in Europe, the national centre for sensor technology, and the only privately-led digital health cluster of companies in the UK. Through facilities such as Sci-Tech Daresbury, Liverpool City Region leads the way in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cognitive Computing in healthcare.


Precision Medicine

Liverpool has world-leading facilities in genomics and pharmacogenetics, with organisations such as Liverpool Health Partners, North West Coast Genomic Medical Centre, Regional Genetics Service pioneering research and development in NHS and university facilities.

Clinical Trials

With around 7 million people, and a diverse ethnic mix, the North West of England is a leading centre in the UK for clinical trials, with the Royal Liverpool University Hospital the first NHS facility in England to achieve the highest level of accreditation for “first in human” clinical trials. Liverpool has a wealth of infrastructure to support product evaluation and clinical trials at relative value for money.


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