26 June 2018 | England, United Kingdom
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26 June 2018
England, United Kingdom
The Healthy Future Partnering Event

About us

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network is an international network of close to 600 partners from over 60 countries with 3 000 local experts ready to help you find the right partners and grow your business through innovation.

Our services tailored to SMEs, but are also available to all other businesses, universities and research centres, focus in:

  • Going international
  • Technology transfer
  • Access to finance
  • Research funding
  • Innovation Management
  • Advice on EU law and standards
  • Intellectual property and patents
  • Speak up on EU law

The Enterprise Europe Network is a key instrument in the EU's strategy to boost growth and jobs.

RTC North

RTC North is one of Europe’s leading technology transfer companies which has built its reputation over the past 25 years on managing large public sector contracts as well as delivering discrete consultancy projects to industry, research institutes and the higher education Sector.  

RTC North’s status as an independent technology transfer company, sponsored by several world-class companies and research institutes and accredited by the EU is quite unique. In addition, the organisation has an unrivalled network of European contacts.

The Company has had vast experience of helping organisations with all stages of the innovation and IP commercialisation process and is an active member of key European innovation and technology transfer networks such as Enterprise Europe Network and the Association of European Technology Transfer Professionals.


Closed since 18 June 2018


Exhibition Centre Liverpool
L3 4FP England, United Kingdom

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Participants 147
Meetings 292


Austria 2
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Denmark 3
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Ireland 2
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Malta 9
Netherlands 5
Poland 9
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United Kingdom 65
United States 1
Total 156


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